All the Little Goats

Summer is officially here and along with the season we welcomes 6 little baby goats to the Ranch!


Both Sohpie and Lucy were pregnant this Spring and each ended up having 3 little ones. Lucy went into labor first, followed by Sophie the next evening. Lucy's definitely went smoother than Sophie's to say the least, but all went well and we are so happy to welcome the new babies.

These images are just a few days after they were born.

Lucy had two girls and a boy. Her babies have the most beautiful light brown coloring with white spots. We named the girls Ava and Brenna, and we call the boy Rambo since he was the most rambunctious of the group.

Sophie also had two girls and a boy. The girl's are Emma and Ruby and we don't yet have a name for the little boy.

They are about twice the size now from when they were born.

They all love to run around and jump all over. They just love to come play and say hello when you sit down in the pen with them. But just watch out because they just LOVE to nibble on shoes, shirts, hair- you name it!

So far we've made goat cheese and cajeta with some of the milk from Lucy and Sophie, but we have just started to milk them. We are looking forward to making lots more with all the delicious milk. Stay tuned!