Naci Adventures

Looking for an adventure?

"Nacimiento Adventures is the main source that brings to you, everything under the sun. From visits to historic locations along the seldom taken back roads, tours of century old ranches and homesteads to wine tasting at award winning wineries. Lake activities include all the fun in the sun tour packages; private sunset cruises, wake board / skiing sessions, and early morning fishing excursions...  Anything from rouging it on the waters edge at the Main Marina... to glamping.  Any season, any weather, there is always adventure to be found at Lake Nacimiento!" - adapted from Nacimiento Adventures website

Boat rides, Anyone?

"...with a wild idea and buying a pontoon boat was the unimaginable start of an adventurous lifestyle and career in one. Starting in 2012 the 4-year journey of preparation was a wild ride of ups and downs. Thanks to Grandma’s house at Lake Nacimiento, I was fated to be a water girl. And while water sports brought the happiest memories of my life, my grandmother gave me freedom to roam and explore by letting me take the boat out by myself long before I was old enough. A childhood spent on the lake naturally created fearless paths of adventure. Now older it’s quite simple, through my passions and lake experiences I get to share it with my two sons and with anyone else who wants to go on an adventure! - Mel"

A pontoon boat is a perfect place and to be wild means to be led by heart.

Pontoon Wild!

-Adapted from Pontoon Wild's website

Informative and Entertaining Art and Design

 "Lake Nacimiento is just outside of Paso Robles, in the Central Coast of California.  It has always been a place for me to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. I used to come to this place to vacation and relax and now finally I can call this amazing place home. I grew up in Los Angeles working a trade in art and graphic design for over 20 years until I had to chance to uproot my old ties and move to this paradise permanently in 2012. I picked Nacimiento because of its scenic beauty, geographic isolation and old town charm, a perfect inspiration to create and explore new opportunities.
 This website is not only a promotion tool for my artwork and design skills but also a fun and interactive way to show others how wonderful this place is.  I hope you find Naci Design informative, entertaining and productive, I’ve had a blast working on this project,
I hope you enjoy it.- Joe" -adapted from Naci Designs website

Nacimiento, Birth of the Dragon Book


"A 125 page, historical documentation of Lake Nacimiento. A coffee-table style book filled with beautiful photos and illustrations of the lake and surrounding communities. Well researched and wonderfully designed, the book is sure to be an excellent addition to any library."

Be sure to catch Joe at his book signing this Saturday, May 19th at Oak Hill Market!

We currently have July 19th through the 30th available at Rancho Dos Amantes.  Come and relax at the farm after a long day of adventures on the lake!

The California Mid State Fair is going on in Paso Robles July 18th through the 29th.  What a perfect time to book your stay!  Stay tuned for updates and fair schedules.