Fresh Tastes From the Garden- olive oil

Hand picked and pressed olive oil

Our olive tree orchard is really coming along!  With over 30 trees and 3 years growth time, they are established and fruiting!  This year we teamed up with friends Sharon and Greg to harvest and press our very own olive oil.

a note about NIÇOISE olives

"Grown on a variety of olive tree called "Le Cailletier," demure Niçoise olives are a crucial ingredient in the classic dishes of the French Riviera—think salade Niçoise and tapenade. But they're equally wonderful nibbled on their own. A bit assertive, but not overpowering, the Niçoise has an enticingly herbal fragrance with faint notes of licorice."

As adapted from A Beginner's Guide To Olives
Photo Cred- Fabrizio Angius, Flickr 

Photo Cred- Fabrizio Angius, Flickr