The Farm


We are city folk who, with no real intention to start farming, did just that. 


It all started with the desire to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. We planted a small garden with 2 raised beds, a few fruit tress, and a couple berry bushes. Now we have 2 gardens with 24 raised beds, 44 fruit trees, 40 berry bushes, a small herd of nubian goats, and 2 hen houses full of chickens. While staying at Rancho Dos Amantes you can experience the farm lifestyle too by touring the farm and the animals just up the path from the Casitas.

We welcome guests to help themselves to our Guest Garden across from the Casitas were we have rotating seasonal produce and flowers. Guest can pick and utilize the garden for their meals or gather some fresh flowers for their rooms. The garden is always changing depending on what is in season, but we always try to have something yummy for our guests to enjoy. 

Our Animals

The New Guest Garden

Out and About Around the Farm