There is nothing we love more than cooking, good food, and sharing great wine with friends!

Why "Cooking Experiences"?

We like to call what we do a cooking experience because it's more laid back than a formal cooking class, but just as informative. Our classes get everyone involved with the learning and cooking process. It's also more than just coming together to prepare a meal- we focus on the whole farm cooking experience by using produce from our gardens and orchards, milk from our goats, eggs from our chickens and other locally grown or made artisan products. Here are some of the different cooking experiences we have to offer:


This Cooking Experience starts with a trip to our garden, goat herd, and chicken coop to learn a little about our farm and gather ingredients. Then it's back to the kitchen for hands-on instruction and tips as we walk through making the meal together. You'll end the evening around the table enjoying the dinner you prepared as well as great local wine and perhaps new friends!

All cooking experiences must have a minimum of 6 guests with no more than 10 guests.

Weekday Ranch Dinner

1 night stay with hands-on cooking experience

  • 1 night stay in the Casita of your choice

  • Hands-on Ranch Dinner the night you arrive

Weekend Ranch Dinner

2 nights stay with hands-on cooking experience

  • 2 nights stay in the Casita of your choice, checking in Friday & checking out Sunday

  • Hands-on Ranch Dinner Saturday evening

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About Us

The Red Barn Kitchen at Rancho Dos Amantes is a commercial quality kitchen equipped with all the essentials. It is a great culinary space for cooking classes and workshops located in the heart of the Central Coast.

Our Cooking Experiences emphasize fresh seasonal ingredients right from our gardens and orchards as well as milk from our goats and eggs from our chickens. We also use many local products from producers in our area such as olive oils, beef, lamb, pork, spices, cheeses and other artisan products..

Our Style

At the Red Barn Kitchen, our hands-on instruction focuses on teaching you how to cook instinctively - as if it were second-nature - so that you can be more confident and resourceful in the kitchen, and able to create and prepare delicious dishes and wholesome meals with flair and ease... All while having a lot of fun!


Tamera is truly the heart and soul of the Red Barn Kitchen at Rancho Dos Amantes. Her years of experience in the kitchen, catering and her passion for cooking shine through in her fun and creative instruction. She is great at making the cooking experience approachable and easy by helping you to navigate the kitchen and garden to create great meals. There is nothing she loves more than bringing people together through cooking and sharing great food and wine while making new friends.


Additional cooking experiences

If you have a group of 6 or more (up to 10) we also offer other Cooking Experiences you can add on to your stay while with us. Please note, these must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. 

Below are booked in addition to a stay you already have booked with us

Classic Class

2.5 - 3 Hours for 6 to10 people

Includes instruction, recipe booklets, tastes and great local wine. Some examples of classes include bread making, cheese making, pastas, appetizers, desserts, but we can always customize the class to focus on what you are interested in learning.

Hands-On Ranch Dinner

4 Hours for 6 to 10 people

Includes hands-on instruction for a 4-course dinner with recipe booklets and great local wine. We’ll cook and enjoy a delicious dinner together!

Have something else in mind? We can always design custom classes tailored exactly to what you are looking for. Just ask us!